G-Force Karts


Hours: Tu-Th: 4p-10p / Fri-Sat: Noon-11pm / Sun: 12p-9p
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G-Force Karts in Chesapeake

G-Force Karts has recently opened up in Portsmouth, VA and that means that it is right by the great city of Chesapeake! Our facility is only a 17 minute drive from the city!

If you’ve never been to a G-Force facility before, then you are in for a great time. The G-Force Experience is unique and thrilling time unlike anything else that you will ever experience! Our facilities provide our Chesapeake customers with fast paced indoor go-karting and high intensity paintball, all right by the Chesapeake area!

If you’re headed to G-Force and it’s going to be your very first visit, take advantage of our membership options and the online registration. This way when you show up, you’re that much closer to having the thrill of a lifetime.

Aside from offer the most thrilling racing and paintball facility in the tidewater area, we’ve also happen to be Chesapeake’s best birthday party location! If you have a birthday coming up and don’t know what you should do to celebrate, G-Force is perfect for you and all of your friends. We offer all sorts of party packages to cater to what you like the most. This way, you are guaranteed to have the best birthday ever!

If you live in the Chesapeake area and you love have a habit of always trying something with intensity,  and lots of adrenaline pumping activities, than G-Force Karts is the place for you!

Find directions to G-Force from your Chesapeake location below, and feel free to contact us or call us at 757-606-1776 if you have any questions.

Get directions to G-Force from your location in Chesapeake here!