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RC Car Racing

RC Car Racing: Like Nothing Else in the 757!

We’re proud to announce the newest indoor entertainment experience at G-Force Portsmouth: RC car racing!

This fun-filled and competitive activity is the perfect way to test your skills and have a blast! Just like anything, we’re going “all in” on our new “off-road” RC track setup.

HobbyTown USA

Thanks to our friends at HobbyTown USA!

When we initially brainstormed this concept, we knew we wanted to approach this the right way… so we consulted our friends (the experts) at HobbyTown USA, to make sure we designed the ideal setup for our space, utilizing the best equipment and delivering a totally unique experience.

We wanted to ability to offer an experience suited for both our hard core RC car/truck/buggy enthusiasts and the “newbies” who may never have raced before.  So we built a killer off-road style RC track (filled with jumps, twists, turns) where you can bring your own equipment or rent ours!

What Makes Us So Different?

Without a doubt, indoor karting and indoor RC car racing sync very well, but the similarities between our experiences don’t end there.

Four things make our RC track so unique:

1: Our Live Timing System

2: Our Track is Open Whenever We Are 

3: We Keep Your Stats 

4: Bring Your Own Equipment or Rent Ours!

Check out this video to get a feel for our track layout. Then, keep reading and you’ll understand that we truly deliver an RC track like nothing you’ve raced.

Our Live Timing System

Our live timing system (via Clubspeed… the same system we use for our indoor karts) syncs with your truck/buggy and your username. During the race, spectators can see who is running fastest and everyone’s position. After the race, you’ll get a custom race printout showing your final position (based on fastest lap time), your fastest overall lap and your average lap time.

No guessing. No “feels like.” You won’t get punished for one bad lap either! We base the winner on fastest one lap time. This is huge!

Our Track Is Open Whenever We Are

Our off-road RC track is open whenever we are at G-Force Portsmouth. This seems simple, but the truth is most RC tracks run only on the weekend or limited hours. Not us. Not ever.

What if you want to run a few laps on a random Tuesday night? You can.

Got some buddies to challenge? Do it. Anytime. No waiting for us to schedule, no craziness. Just honest hours.

We Keep Your Stats

It’s one thing to THINK you smoked your fastest lap time. It’s another to KNOW you’re racing fast! With our live timing system, you’ll always know how you performed compared to your standards of excellence.

Why is keeping stats important? 

If you are new to RC car racing, you’re almost certainly using our equipment. That is exactly why we bought all our Helion RC trucks! When you race your first race, you can see how you stack up against our TOP 10, Top 50 or Top 100 from the month. Granted, many of our regulars are very, very fast. However, just like with our indoor karts, you might surprise yourself at just how quickly you pick up the skills needed to carve up the track!

If you are an experienced RC driver, you know the value of keeping your stats. When you make mods to your RC car/truck/buggy, you want to see what impact those changes have on your lap times. Take your RC car home (or use our pit area), update the components as you see fit, and then bring it back for a trial run!

Bring Your Own Equipment or Rent Ours!

We are happy to oblige both the hard-core RC drivers and the “greenies.” Our track is perfectly suited for both!

At G-Force Portsmouth, we allow you to bring in your own equipment and you pay less for doing so.

If you’re new to RC cars or just interested in a casual and fun experience, we provide Helion brand rental trucks that are perfectly suited for our track setup. The name Helion may or may not mean anything to you, but just so you have a taste of what these trucks offer watch this video!

The specific truck we rent is the Helion Dominus 10SCv2, like the close up image we took at the track (below).

If you’re new to racing and thereby need to rent..you’l find this truck more than enough to get your motor humming!


Each race is 6 minutes long, which is slightly longer that what most tracks run during competition. You’ll be surprised how long 6 minutes feels like while you’re driving that RC car!

We price out our RC cars based on whether your bring your own equipment or use ours.

Bring Your Own Equipment Pricing:

  • Single Timed Heat Race: $5
  • Test and Tune: $10

Rent Our Equipment Pricing: 

  • Member Race: $8
  • Non-Member Race: $10

Birthday Party Pricing:

  • RC Car Racing Only: $28 per child 6 child minimum. 40 minute test and tune and 2 RC car races. Print outs from heat races (Add $4 per child for pizza and soda)
  • Mix and Match: $28 per child, 6 child minimum. One go kart race, 30 minute test and tune, and one RC Car Race. (Add $4 per child for pizza and soda)

RC Car races are also included in our karting and paintball packages.

Take a look at our Pricing and Packages page to see more!

Start Your Engines!

It’s quite difficult to convey in words just how much fun and excitement we deliver with our RC track. We tried, but we know you need to experience this in person!

Call us at (757) 606-1776 or contact us online to learn more… but really, just get your crew to G-Force Portsmouth!