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Our Karts

Adult Karts

Simply put, the gasoline powered GT-5 karts we run at G-Force are fantastic! These GT-5’s are custom built for G-Force, with all the features that our most demanding customers deman. With our GT-5’s, we also offer integrated weight boxes, which enable us to add up to 60lbs of weight to the kart in a low, safe configuration. Why would we do this? So you can test your skills against your friends or co-workers without any weight bias! The GT-5’s at G-Forcein Portsmouth also include progressive brakes, which add a new feel to the brake pedal.

Interested in sponsoring one or several GT-5’s at G-Force? Call us directly at 757-606-1776 or contact G-Force online! We are happy to work out a sponsorship package, including race vouchers, that will help advance your brand, message and position in the mind of all our drivers!

Junior Karts

Our European junior racing karts include the best, most up to date features available for junior racing. We supply junior helmets, junior neck braces, and the best-built junior kart for all our “soon to be” superstar drivers!

We powered our junior karts with a 5.5hp Honda motor, internal wet clutches, hydraulic disk brakes, adjustable gas and brake pedals, adjustable seats and steering columns. All our junior karts have seat belts and roll bar protection.

Due to the size of the junior karts, we strongly enforce the following:

  • 8-15 years of age
  • Minimum height: 48″
  • Maximum height: 70″
  • Maximum weight: 180 lbs.


These high-performance European racing machines enable our most skilled drivers to reach a whole new level of intensity

A 270cc Honda powered engine will power you through through our 1/4 indoor track faster than ever before! More torque on the Super-Karts lets you fly by your competitors, racing through the twisting and turning road course.

Everything on these superkarts screams racing intensity! From upgraded Tillet seats to huge disc brakes, these are fast, intense incredibly challenging to drive. Test your skills and challenge yourself today.

In order for you to race these indoor karting monsters, you must prove to our staff that you can handle a vehicle of this magnitude—you must qualifying by racing 5 laps under 28.2 in the same race, and you must be able to prove that to our staff! Once you qualify for Super-Kart status, you can enjoy the thrill of racing even more at G-Force in Portsmouth! Each race in a Super-Kart costs the same as in one of our GT-5s!

Two-Seater Karts

Our two-seater karts are the perfect way to share the G-Force Portsmouth experience with your kids or a rookie racer! Our 2 seaters have a double-barreled shotgun configuration for seating and feature steering wheels for each seat! We can’t think of a better way to introduce someone to the world of high-speed karting!DSC_0877

We know what you’re thinking, but fear not: our 2-seaters arejust as finely tuned and fast as any of our high performance go-karts. They can easily keep up with the other racers on the track, so your passenger will get a feel for what the high-speed racing experience is all about!

The 2-seaters function identically to our normal karts. No special training needed to hop in and go! To qualify to drive them or ride in them you must:

  • Have completed at least once race at G-Force Portsmouth before
  • Be at least 5 years of age.
  • Passenger must be under 15 years of age.

The 2-seater costs $18 for the driver and $5 for passenger.

Contact us about our Karts!

We hope you enjoyed learning about G-Force Portsmouth’s variety of go-karts! We’ve got the best equipment in the area! Well worth the trip, even from Newport News and Virginia Beach! Now head on up to the track and try them out yourself! Get in touch if you have any more questions. You can reach us at 757-606-1776 or you can contact us online.