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Paintball FAQ

Welcome to the Paintball FAQ Page! The Paintball FAQ page is here so you can see if we’ve already answered your questions about our indoor paintball experience!

Q: What are Z Balls?

A: Z-balls are a type of paintballs that are generally used indoors. They fire out of standard paintball markers. However, the z-balls are not filled with paint, thereby they do not explode upon contact. The z-balls are tightly compacted foam balls.

Q: What are G-Force Karts’ hours?

A: These are our current operating hours. Our hours are seasonal and are subject to holidays and facility rentals. Check our event calendar and Facebook page for announcements and closings.

Q: How is indoor paintball different from outdoor paintball?

A: Z-ball/indoor paintball can be played all times of year, whereas outdoor paintball is tough to play in the rain, cold, snow, etc. The main difference is the balls themselves….Z-balls don’t explode upon contact. This makes them viable for indoor paintball arenas, meaning you can plan all year round. The challenges we offer at G-Force are very similar to the challenges you would find at any outdoor course.

Q: How do you play indoor paintball/how do you know when you are out of the session?

A: You play indoor paintball just like outdoor paintball. When someone shoots you, you raise your hand(s), call it out and walk to the nearest “boundary” area. We also have two referees in each session, which will call you out if you get hit. It’s an honor system. If you plan to cheat (aka you don’t have any honor), you probably wouldn’t bother to read these FAQ’s and rules anyway! The main difference with indoor paintball with regards to the rules is that it is much less obvious when you get shot. When you are ducking behind a barrier, you can’t always tell when you’ve hit someone. Our referees are very good at calling you out.

Keep in mind….ricochets do NOT count as hits. If the ball bounces off a barrier or off the floor and hits someone, they are still active in the session.

Q: What challenges do you offer?

A: We offer three main challenges, but you are welcome to bring any new ideas for new challenges to the table also. We offer “Capture the Flag,” “Elimination” and “Center Flag.” When you get here, we will be happy to explain the differences, and determine which type you are most interested in playing. The rules for all three are very simple.

Q: Does it hurt when I get shot?

A: We get this question all the time….particularly from people new to paintball. The answer is usually not, and certainly not as much as outdoor paintball. It depends on whether you wear the suit we provide or not. If you wear our suits, you won’t wake up the next day with huge welts or bruises, and for your pretty boys (and ladies, of course) with long hair: you need not worry. Outside of the obvious mask/hat head, you won’t get anything stuck in your hair! If you choose not to wear our suits, getting hit feels like getting flicked hard with a rubber band. You will likely wake up with bruises/welts if you don’t wear our suits. Also, you must sign a waiver before playing indoor paintball at G Force.

Q: What should I wear?

A: We can’t tell you what to wear. You’re an adult or at least you should be with one when you show up. However, we can tell you not to wear open toed shoes, sandals or flip flops, soccer cleats, work boots or anything with spikes. If you thought that was a good idea for indoor paintball, you might not want to play at all. We recommend comfortable clothing and sneakers. No boots, black soled shoes, etc. Also, make sure you aren’t filthy dirty when you come in. If you track mud or dirt or grass clippings all over the arena, you will most certainly be “that guy” and you will be asked to leave.

Q: How do you clean up after the challenges?

A: We pick up the Z-balls or vacuum them up as needed, in between challenges or as often as we need to.

Q: Do the z-balls get in the way? Can I step on them and not get hurt?

A: You can step on the z-balls. They are tightly compressed foam balls, so they just basically squish into the mat when you step on them. They do not interfere with your paintball experience. After several intense battles, they will be all over the place. When needed, we will call for a break in between sessions and clean up the z-balls. Trust us…you will probably want a quick break at that time anyway!

Q: What age does my son/daughter have to be to play indoor paintball?

A: We require children to be at least 10 years old to play indoor paintball. No exceptions…sorry. Everyone must sign a waiver before playing paintball.

Q: Do I need to bring my own equipment or buy anything there?

A: This is a huge advantage that we offer….the answer is NO! We give you all the equipment you will need with your session (paintball and membership pricing), so you are basically renting our equipment. With most outdoor paintball arenas, you bring your own paintballs, which can get crazy expensive. The equipment we give you includes a paintball marker (gun), mask/goggles, a loader, a tank, a “pod” and unlimited air. However, you can bring you own equipment if you choose to do so.

Q: How many z-balls do I get for each challenge?

A: The “hopper” comes pre-loaded with 200 z-balls, and we give you 1 “pod” which can also hold an additional 140 z-balls. So…340 total. Realize you play multiple sessions. They are fast paced. We will make sure you don’t run out of balls. But if you’re actually playing and not hiding, you will have plenty.

Q: How long are the challenges?

A: Each challenge is a maximum of 7 minutes. We usually average 2-5 challenges per session. That all depends on how quickly they go.

Q: Do you offer paintball memberships?

A: Our membership packages include paintball, karting and RC car racing. With each membership, you get big discounts on each activity plus free games/races, etc. Our memberships cost $35. Review our membership packages.

Thanks for checking out The Paintball FAQ page!

Any questions that weren’t covered on the Paintball FAQ page? Need any further help? Get in touch! Call us at (757) 606-1776 or contact us online!